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Thoughts: Intentions

In episode four of Thoughts, I talk about intentions and how difficult they are to grasp.



"Adults with ADHD who are undiagnosed and untreated in childhood are at greater risk of low self-esteem, substance abuse, anxiety and depression," Labour’s shadow minister for mental health, Barbara Keeleyshe says. "Despite the serious problems that adults with undiagnosed ADHD face, many living with the condition say it has had a positive impact on their… Continue reading Attention

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End of an Era

Hello adoring fans! I just wanted to make an announcement that future installations of the Joe Van Secret Podcast will no longer be named by season, and will no longer be weekly! I thank you all so much for tuning in, and appreciate your future time with us. This is the end of an era,… Continue reading End of an Era

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S2 E22: Societies of our Time

Happy New Year and new decade my fellow dudes! On #47 of Joe Van's Secret Podcast, my guest from last week returns, making it the first ever back-to-back interview! Also clocking in as the longest episode so far, we discuss her early world and how she came to be city-neighbours with me. We talk about… Continue reading S2 E22: Societies of our Time

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S2 E21: The Plan

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! On #46 of Joe Van's Secret Podcast, I interview a public health worker in the criminal justice world. We talk about finding one's path, community, authority, justice advocacy, the entertainment world, belief and judgment, the holiday of Eid, the British royal family, one race, and climate change consequences.

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S2 E10: Breathing with Meaning

On season two, episode ten, Joe Van's Secret Podcast #35, I talk with two amazing people at the end of my first LSD experience. We discuss shows we were raised with, outdated metro-sexuality, taking advantage of the social market, magic mushrooms, k-holes, Macbeth, LOVE, women's rights, and my own little book plug.

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S2 E8: The Great Canadian Debate Finale

Part FOUR and finale of the great Canadian debate... and episode #33 of Joe Van's Secret Podcast, I talk again with Bobby Rose and Big L on the topics of climate change action, mandatory military, females in combat, the death penalty, euthanasia, abortion, the burka and feminism. We finish things by agreeing to disagree, and… Continue reading S2 E8: The Great Canadian Debate Finale



The walls of my vision split like an atom, bursting a billion stars like plastered plastic barbies reduced to pellets. Gaseous particles bomb the dark for their friends to see, in the cold of an endless night for a tiny fleeting light. My hearing shatters at the point of heart break, falling deaf on the… Continue reading Periphery


How Hollywood Moves Ideas

Culture: Reflected and Shaped by Movies Joseph Van Landschoot               The Matrix changed how mainstream audiences thought about reality. Through Star Wars, a fan community formed where people made life-long friendships and even families. Us now holds the record for highest grossing original horror film on opening weekend, (Box Office Mojo,) ushering in new… Continue reading How Hollywood Moves Ideas


Why Care About The Movies You See?

How the Average Moviegoer Votes with Their Wallet Over 48% of the U.S./Canadian yearly box office income is from moviegoers that frequent the theatres one or more times in a month, (source: M.P.A.A. theatre market statistics 2016,) so it’s safe to say that the rest of the money made comes from blockbusters. The top five… Continue reading Why Care About The Movies You See?