My name is Joseph Van Landschoot and I find stories incredible. At a young age I would make up wild tales about heroes and far off worlds full of adventure in which people battled monsters and good always prevailed. My name fit me well growing up as I didn’t rise to anything exceptional but the idea of experiences being told in extravagant and fantastical ways always burned a fire in my soul.
By the second year out of high school, just before entering college, I found myself working a summer job where I groomed trees. I left my power zone to clip a high branch and to no great joy I slipped a disc. Now it’s been nine years from that incident and I’ve written four books, working on the fifth, and plan to write the sixth to culminate this grand tale.
I am no literary savant but more and more, words find a way to fascinate me. The characters of people I meet and how they came to be who they are, inspire me. The never ending story of life surrounds us and our addition to it make for great things if we so choose. That is at least the summary of what I believe, and what I leave with you.