Experiences Chilling, tingling, hot sensations of bubbly, proud, shocking but sad, boring, scratchy, pungent, exhausting happiness. EXPERIENCES are the tether with which we can all find common ground. It doesn’t matter what beliefs you have. If you’re shy, confident, sadistic, depressed, or think this reality is a simulation, we are all still existing through experiences.… Continue reading Experiences

Spoken Thoughts

Thoughts 41: Introductions

In episode forty-one of Thoughts, I read to you guys from the beginning page of my four completed novels. I start the narrative with a mini thought piece to prime y'all for the what the story will cover. Let me know if you guys liked this video however you can! It's greatly appreciated. Enjoy!


Why Care About The Movies You See?

How the Average Moviegoer Votes with Their Wallet Over 48% of the U.S./Canadian yearly box office income is from moviegoers that frequent the theatres one or more times in a month, (source: M.P.A.A. theatre market statistics 2016,) so it’s safe to say that the rest of the money made comes from blockbusters. The top five… Continue reading Why Care About The Movies You See?