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Thoughts 47: Life in 100 Years

In episode forty-seven of Thoughts, I ask you to join me in a thought experiment! We ponder the question: What will life look like in one-hundred years? We go over governments and infrastructure, to human lifespans and potential events. I hope to hear from y'all. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/hdV1QPfoq4s


Life in One-Hundred Years

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdV1QPfoq4s&t=67s Hello everyone and welcome back to another thought piece by me, ya boy, Joe Van! Today... well, today we will be doing a thought experiment. It's one that has been done a million times before by a million people, ad infinitum, and it's one I want to encourage all of you to do with… Continue reading Life in One-Hundred Years