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Passing Thoughts

Howdy everybody! In this ep I just go over a couple of passing thoughts I've had recently that I thought I'd share with y'all. Enjoy!

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The JD: Unplugged #8

Welcome everyone to episode #7 of The JD: Unplugged! The topics we cover in today's episode are: -Location situations -Festival food (raised without crans) -Politicians going on vacation -New Year -A 15-year-long dream -Daylight savings -Vaccines -Overthinking -YouTube doc and Sorry to Bother You -Lifetime of work -Art and business #Canada #Podcast #Unplugged

Joe Van's Secret Podcast

SP 59: Context

Welcome to episode 59 of Joe Van’s Secret Podcast! Today I have on my fifth guest post COVID-19. We waste no time jumping into Ang Lee's discography, conspiracies- both ludicrous and true, how separation leads to hate, the new viral 'woke and racist' skit on Twitter, Oakville's checkered past AND present, why Canada should not… Continue reading SP 59: Context

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Joe Van Recommends

https://youtu.be/J42QWgMhFcU Hey everybody! It's ya boy, Joe Van, comin' back at ya with another piece, but this one's different from the rest. In this piece I wanted to recommend some YouTube channels to you guys. These channels are ones I've come across over years of binge-watching YouTuber content. So, they'll come in no particular order,… Continue reading Joe Van Recommends