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Passing Thoughts

Howdy everybody! In this ep I just go over a couple of passing thoughts I've had recently that I thought I'd share with y'all. Enjoy!

JD Streams, The JAD: Unplugged

The JD: Unplugged #10

Welcome everyone to episode #10 of The JD: Unplugged! We have two new guests on this week as we dive into the ever-changing landscape of exponential growth. The topics we cover in today's episode are: -Location situations -Gaming iterations -Cell phones -Marketing -Napping and isolation -Progressive countries and conservative ones -Mounties and inequality -Hope and… Continue reading The JD: Unplugged #10


The Final Frontier

https://youtu.be/eTK5G2npZl0 It's hard to articulate, but the void; a word to describe nothing... Nothing, that isn't a thing, but a lack of, like the space between atoms, is the only thing that existed for all of us before we were born. This milestone edition of Thoughts is on the topic: the Final Frontier. None of… Continue reading The Final Frontier


Fine! I Don’t Know

I can’t sleep! In my mind I have no distractions, and I feel everything. Since I was born I could feel everything. The whole world opened up to me and it was too much to bear. Growing up I imagined myself fearless, but I’m grown now, and I know so much more. How can any… Continue reading Fine! I Don’t Know


The Deer Peace

Sparks let out light in the dark. Dear the coming summer, please bring me peace. Shine on me joy; something of my childhood, when everything was so big, and new, and endless. I can remember the feeling, but I can’t FEEL it anymore. Winters have made me bitter and lame: a cruel indignation; a three… Continue reading The Deer Peace


Transient Thoughts

Everybody at my work has a duty to wake up earlier than what would feel natural, to get production going. I can't speak for all of them but I am what many would say is the farthest thing from a morning person. I spend many-a-nights contemplating existence. Not my existence personally but the existence of… Continue reading Transient Thoughts



We humans came from such deep seeded life... We came from single-celled organisms, to multi-cellular. From that, to plant and animal life. We evolved from aquatic, to insect, reptile and mammal life. Mammals evolved from rodents to primates. There they continued, to complex structuring; being thumbs, and using tools, to shedding of fur. Culture out… Continue reading Retrospect