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The JD: Unplugged #8

Welcome everyone to episode #7 of The JD: Unplugged! The topics we cover in today's episode are: -Location situations -Festival food (raised without crans) -Politicians going on vacation -New Year -A 15-year-long dream -Daylight savings -Vaccines -Overthinking -YouTube doc and Sorry to Bother You -Lifetime of work -Art and business #Canada #Podcast #Unplugged

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Joe Van Recommends

https://youtu.be/J42QWgMhFcU Hey everybody! It's ya boy, Joe Van, comin' back at ya with another piece, but this one's different from the rest. In this piece I wanted to recommend some YouTube channels to you guys. These channels are ones I've come across over years of binge-watching YouTuber content. So, they'll come in no particular order,… Continue reading Joe Van Recommends