In all my mind that my eyes can’t hide is who I am when I’m alive, but I know something bigger is happening. I know it as a basic fact of the world, but I can also feel it. Things behind the mirror. He he/she lying? Maybe it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it already has, or it’s in the middle of happening… I don’t know. I had a weird dream about someone that now makes me looks at them weird. It’s not their fault and I have to tell myself that. Behavior dictates action, that is what the modems of society ARE. This can be found in the animal kingdom and it’s an easy way to look at humans; by looking at other mammals or other social animals.

We all have our own experiences coupled with thoughts. These things separate us but not do so in any inherently intentional fashion. Emotions sometimes make people feel like it does, but that’s not how nature works and it is important to know this. Things just happen, as a matter of fact. If I get upset by a mistake done by a barista to my coffee order, emotions tell me she’s messing with me and frustration carries through. Logical thought will tell me she most likely has no ill will considering I’ve never done anything to her and it tells me that behind the stronger feelings. If I’ve had very little sleep it is harder for me to hear the logic in my brain, but the fact that she just made a mistake is the truth none the less. However, personal experiences are subjective, and therefore lead people down rabbit holes of emotional surges. It’s like a tunnel vision that swallows your logic in chemicals until time fades it away.

You have a bad day. I have a great day. Someone commits suicide; one of the greatest social taboos. People interact with each other on a daily basis. Chemicals interact, from our brains to others, depending on what we do to each other. Inside our minds we think things that no one will ever hear… the majority of the time. Life is a complex system and we have to deal with it. In this string of words, I have compiled a train that you have now read. I did this process alone, with my thoughts. Tomorrow when I wake I will meet with many people and go about my day. Bigger things are ALWAYS happening, and every time you feel flustered, or sad, remember that we are all having our own thoughts and wants and expectations. People aren’t against you, they’re just for themselves. We all are; it is how we are made.

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