It’s Worth It!

Damn does life throw curve balls sometimes. I’m not a sportsman, no more specifically a follower of the baseball, but meanings mean some things. Fighting is so often something we all try to avoid, and for good reason, because it does nothing but hurt. Though, in many situations, we fight because we need to, to do what’s right. Fighting binds deals, and breaks deals too, all for the call to make things worth what they seem or mean. When situations come up in our lives it is a true call to action whether or not we do anything about it. Take relationships faulting, or business deals not going how they should or aught to. Life isn’t organized. It isn’t fair or square. Things don’t check out in boxes and deals don’t always get settled. It takes fighting to survive in this world! Even if it isn’t to survive, because I know… for a lot of people it really does.

Fighting is not only innate, but certain in the common. Lying, and manipulating is used all the time by those who know how to use it to get their way. Following the rules doesn’t always work. Rules were crafted in the first place because of how certain people are about interactions. When you need to, when life calls it upon you, you must fight. Battle, grit your teeth, push and scratch. Force your will to contain and stabilize what you love so it doesn’t get overturned. For now, that is all.


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