Snitches Get Stitches

The common phrase, 'snitches get stitches and end up in ditches,' is currently used in schoolyards, though it originally came from urban communities regarding illegal activities. They would say it to someone they considered potential police informants, as a form of intimidation for their own self-serving reasons. Since then it has been used in jails,… Continue reading Snitches Get Stitches


Being In It

Certainty is an issue with some people. They say that the more you know, the less certain you become about things. Once your perspective broadens from information; academically or otherwise, on whatever subject, the more open-minded you might become. Certainty is something innate. You are either into something, or you're not. And there are many… Continue reading Being In It



This will be a hot button topic unlike any of the other topics I've written about so far, I feel. What people find important or not important vary radically depending on the individual. Some people find many-a-thing important and therefore sensitive or sacred, while others care so little they couldn't be bothered to know it… Continue reading Importance



What would you say is the deepest sensation? An orgasm? True happiness? Peace? You might say 'sleep' sarcastically, but no. It is purpose. It is the absolute and ultimate drive of intelligent life. It is what lies behind our every action and reaction. Every want, every need is predicated by our life purpose. It is… Continue reading Longevity


New Terrain

We've been doing it from birth; taking in new sights and sounds, places and people, things and thoughts. No place is too comfortable when you are young. Attachment only happens with time. In that regard, our ability to stay open is a double-edged blade, as the saying goes. I'm sure we all know of someone… Continue reading New Terrain


Melancholy Flower Infinate

Paradox. Abstraction. Imperceivable. Impossible. Grandiosity. The raw beyond. These concepts that will never be answered. They lay on those that seek. Is there intention in existence? If there was, how did such to intend come to be? It was intentioned as well, well, what about that which gave it? If not, then why it in… Continue reading Melancholy Flower Infinate