Twelve Certainties and Suggestions

The twelve things of life:

  1. You were born of a consequence of programming, not of divine intention.
  2. Just because nature has instilled instincts in you, does not mean those instincts are rightful.
  3. Moderation in all affairs is not only the key to longevity, but healthy prosperity.
  4. Letting go and moving forward is the only way to mature.
  5. Understand and accept that one day you will die.
  6. The vast majority of humans are confused about reality, so keep an open mind.
  7. Making mistakes does not always guarantee learning a lesson.
  8. Honesty is the only thing that brings peace.
  9. Caring for and about others are what make humans human.
  10. Making yourself uncomfortable by righting a wrong makes you feel better in the long run.
  11. There are no re-dos but there can be do-overs.
  12. Do your best to leave with warm memories in the minds of those you touched.

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