Imagine that every person had inside them a blob. This blob would move about throughout their larger life-force, dark and destructive. It would give them sensations to run, or to fight. It would make them see red, or give them tunnel vision. The blob would do its best to create downward spirals. It was all the blob existed for. External forces helped suspend the blob for short periods, but never made the blob any less powerful. In some cases the blob would grow in size after happy days for seemingly no reason. One could imagine, however, being overcome with silence. A kind of silence from the raw beyond. It might come on so suddenly that the blob would be ripped into oblivion. It would tear away a deep red light and blinding bright white light would erupt into everything. It would wash over the person’s essence and consume their being. Such a warmth would follow; a feeling apart from hot where all the pain was scrubbed away. Something deeper than ecstasy. Endlessly more ancient and wise. Completeness. Birth and death and all the struggles and fighting in between now and forever could all make sense in the light. Humans and demons, dogs and frogs and ants. Trees, seaweed, figs and zooplankton. Every conscious experience, the meaning and the drive for life. And life, the meaning of the universe. It would all be so clear…

Until another day.


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