New Terrain

We’ve been doing it from birth; taking in new sights and sounds, places and people, things and thoughts. No place is too comfortable when you are young. Attachment only happens with time. In that regard, our ability to stay open is a double-edged blade, as the saying goes. I’m sure we all know of someone who is like this in their adult life; spontaneous, ever changing and never comfortable, but I’ll come back to that.

Most people settle into their track lives and situations and just hold there. Get the sustainable job that you don’t necessarily hate, and stick with it. Though, every so often, life will throw you a curve ball you don’t see coming. It could be something light like a marriage invitation to another country, or something heavy like your company relocating you to another country. It could also not have to do with physical terrain, like an unexpected pregnancy or a sudden death in the family.

We were built to adapt. It is hardwired into our genes to make the most out of a given situation, and thrive. Imagine moving elementary schools because your parents got a divorce. New school, new classmates, and the loss of all the others. But what do we do? We make the most out of the given situation, and thrive. Though it now happens less and less in my life, the concept of new terrain always excited me by the sheer possibilities that could come from it.

Working a new job, or starting a new relationship; being inspired by a new-found passion. All of those those experiences are the ‘real life’ versions of, say, buying a new car or console. Companies know how to manipulate us, after all. Materials are a bite-sized new terrain, like a watered-down grapefruit. Enough for anyone to handle so as to reach the maximum demographic. Is this the wrong way to go as a society, I wonder? We do live in the safest time in history, thanks to other factors as well, but due to the capitalist system of wants of material goods.

I’m hoping when we reach the real space age, thanks to this system, that rich experiences becomes the new norm.

But as always, TIME WILL TELL.

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