A Slice of Blood Redemption

A party began and was well lubricated around the fire as everyone got to know each other. “Anyway,” Nathan began while brushing dirt off his jeans. “There’s this group we started, with my mom- bless her soul, I didn’t invite her- that you three are officially invited into. You don’t even have to do anything!”

“Is it a fuckin’ cult,” Toemat asked. “Cause I gotta say, you’re enigmatic as fuck, and weird and mysterious and I wouldn’t put it past you.”

V bust into laughter which made everyone else laugh along like a contagion.

“There’s no cool aid, no belief structure. It’s a group… I have dreamed the future, bad shit is coming in a year, and I’m gonna try and stop it.”

The fire became quiet. Alex and V kept their mouths shut, content on Nathan explaining himself.

“Bad shit is coming for us all, you mean?” Sal asked seriously, breaking the silence.


“Okay, I don’t believe you,” Greg responded simply.

“That’s fine, neither would I. So, uh, yeah. Essentially it doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong, you guys are officially part of the safe haven posse.”

“What does that mean, though, Nate?” Sal asked. “Like- you got a bunker? Because I don’t know if you can tell, but we’re not the bunker type.”

“No.” Nathan pulled the barber dime from his pocket and showed it to the three with an outstretched arm. “Remember this? Well look at this.” He quickly removed his hand from in front of the fire, and the dime stayed in place.

“I have abilities like this. I can be somewhere else instantly, and I can dream the future. With me so far? Okay?”

The gang was reasonably shocked beyond their senses. Toemat specifically was scared white.

“And this is the part you’re really not gonna believe,” Alex added, holding back his giddiness.

“There are these places called pocket universes, theoretically. And what that means is there are places in between our spacetime that can be reached, theoretically, that are completely unaffected by whatever happens here. I think.”

“How’d you-” Greg cleared his throat. “How’d you figure?”

The barber dime warped in size to match that of a plate. Flames licked the bottom before Nathan rose it higher. “When I was sixteen my grandfather brought me to an island that didn’t exist. A fog covered the place. Before we went there, there was nothing but water, and when we left after, nothing then. People existed on the island. I didn’t know what they said when they spoke, but a humming spoke for them that met my ears like a forgotten language. Everything that happens will happen. Everything that happens will happen… Anyway, I strongly believe that other places exist. That one, however, won’t exist again until after we’re fucked.”

“What can we do?” Sal asked in the most hushed voice one could conjure before a whisper.

“We have a few people in America that are checkin’ out some spots, but otherwise it’s diamond eyes over here,” Alex chimed in, referencing Nate.

Toemat’s breathing rose. It was clear he was about to speak. “Any way we can help?”

“Yeah,” Greg added to the inquest.

“I mean you said a fuckin’ year.”

“Right,” Sal added. “You can give us any place in Canada.”

“There’s no place in Canada, though. No, thank you, but you guys just keep a track of time. June twenty-fifth of next year make sure you’re here. If I found Agartha, you’ll know.” The barber dime shrunk in size, filling in the edges that were stretched thin. It floated back to Nathan and he put it in his pocket.

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