Being In It

Certainty is an issue with some people. They say that the more you know, the less certain you become about things. Once your perspective broadens from information; academically or otherwise, on whatever subject, the more open-minded you might become. Certainty is something innate. You are either into something, or you’re not. And there are many versions of really being in it. You can be heavily into sports, for instance. Other people are super into Warcraft. Everyone has there own thing that they find most absorbing. The one thing I want to hone in on in this subject, though, is personal human relationships. Probably because we all got them. It is the one thing every person can relate to whether you’re a socialite with no deep connection aside your mother, or a recluse, with no relationships aside your mother. So, with that super simple disclaimer out of the way, we can begin.

What does actually come with handling and being in a real relationship? I’m not a professional in this field and only have my experiences and the stories of others to grasp on to. Currently, I think I’m doing pretty well in the romance, compared to most. I started a relationship after five+ of being single, and only after using the terrible app that is Tinder tm, without reliably using it until a year later.

A girl and I talked back in early 2017. We hit it off rather easily. Three weeks later thanks to help I asked her out. I met her and the rest is history. I love my girlfriend, eh? What else can I say.

I don’t know if she is the one, because I cannot tell time, but my intuition tells me she is. So ‘bring it in’ is the slogan I used to get you here, and I think of it as a saying that might ring true to old couples and new. They say the new generation is more polyamorous than the older generations. I won’t deny what lies at one’s heart. They say that the majority of humanity would see multiple partners if it was acceptable. I find myself, however, stuck by choice in the common sense of finding one individual for the remainder of your being. I will always only be for one, no matter what. Investing in one and only one individual is not just what I was raised on… But what lies deep in my being.

I don’t mean to put down those that wish or need to be with others, I only wish to shine on the dimming light of those like me that gleam on the prospect of connecting with a life partner, and only one partner, the rest of their natural life.

We only have one life here on Earth. You can use it to live your life to the fullest. You can live that by meeting many people, and doing things that meet your provocative. You can live that by being the best parent you were meant to be, while being with others or not. What ever your path, I love all that choose the path of love. Because as is the main theme of this entire blog, I always press people to choose the path of love if ever given the opportunity. Never the path of hate, or deceit.  Choose only love, respect, honor and all else that entails a good life for yourself and the other people on your life.


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